The multi-genre community project was implemented on the outskirts of Vitória, in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo in the years 2021-2022. The inspiration was the congo – a traditional instrument that is very popular in this area and also stories from Brazilian history, especially the fate of the original inhabitants of Brazil.

The project involved artists, musicians, dancers, actors, and graffiti artists, both professionals and young people from excluded localities – favela. The pandemic has stopped the project, but in the future, it should be re-launched in city parks in the region and in the favelas.

The video provides an abbreviated recording of the project. During the work on the project, a short documentary Children of Favela was created for the show Queer on Czech Television, which was also selected for the prestigious Brazilian Film Festival. The author of the project concept and director is Peter Serge Butko.

The project was supported by the city of Vila Velha, the Aldir Blanc Law, and the Tambor de Congo Cultural Center.