NEXT PICTURE is an association that focuses, among other things, on the production, creation, and distribution of films, theater performances and artistic events with overlap into various cultures and subcultures. NEXT PICTURE was founded by director and producer Peter Serge Butko, cameraman Vojtěch Honig and manager Eva Bartošová in 2013 in Prague.  In its projects, NEXT PICTURE tries to capture and bring closer together the cultures, arts, and lives of various nations, to deepen their mutual understanding and in that sense carry out creative activities. Through its activities NEXT PICTURE wants to contribute to the elimination of barriers between ethnicities and cultures, to promote live art and to develop international cooperation and awareness. NEXT PICTURE also focuses on performing theater plays, realization of artistic events, exhibitions, concerts, and festivals, often in collaboration with artists from less developed countries. This website primarily focuses on NEXT PICTURE’s own projects, as well as on the projects of its members before the foundation of the association.