The films were chosen strictly according to the criteria, such as is the art quality of a film, its artistic side, curiosity, genre diversity, attractivity and also the importance of certain films in the history of cinematography. An important factor when making a choice of a film, are musicians who accompany them on the festivals. Some films were chosen based on the compatibility with the music style of the musicians, while the others are quite the opposite – so they represent a challenge for their own music style – but in both cases the result is an exciting experience both for the interpreter, and for the spectator.


The musicians and the bands which take part in the festival were chosen based on the fact that each festival evening should be filled with various music styles, that is, different kinds of bands. The festival is international in character, so each film is accompanied by musicians coming from different country. So, every evening the spectators will watch silent films accompanied by a band from a different country. The festival offers a unique occasion to enjoy the music of certain bands in quite a different way than it is played on everyday concerts – during our festival they play their music for the film and along the film. An important part of the festival is jam session, which takes place after the film projections. All musicians, who performed during that evening, and some musicians from where the festival is taking place, join together in a free music block. This offers a possibility of unique music gatherings, which often turn into the highlight of the festival nights.


The festival takes place in some really interesting areas, which intensify the experiences of the festival productions. An ideal area for the festival is an open-air cinema, as was the case in the first year of the festival. We have set a romantic open-air cinema in the courtyard of the theatre VHV in Bački Petrovec, in Serbian Vojvodina, in 2015. We plan to look for interesting areas for the festival, places where to set the cinema in the future. They could be for example parks, courtyards, town squares, a space within an old factory, or some other places that inspire. Our visualists will then be able to use their creativity and to add life into it, by the use of lights and videomapping, and make the atmosphere perfect.


As for the fact, that during this festival the past meets the present, it is our goal to offer only the best to our guests. The meals offered are traditional local meals, made from best quality ingredients, and the recipes that are used are those of our ancestors.


The main program of the festival takes place in the evening and during the night. Nevertheless, the festival offers various activities during the day, too. One of the possibilities how to spend your time thematically – are the workshops.

The language of the silent film – workshop is guided by film professionals, and it offers the possibility of learning things about the technique of making silent films, and also learning about the technique and building of gag – which is the essential element of silent film, but it also offers the opportunity to direct your own, short silent film. The montage of the short silent films will be projected at the end of the festival, and it will also be accompanied by live music. In this way it will become a part of the festival.

Musical accompaniment to a film – workshop guided by a musical guest of the festival, is organized for young musicians, offers the possibility to learn about musical forms which are used to accompany silent films, and to learn about the basis of music improvisation. This workshop results with them all join in and perform live musical accompaniment to a silent film, at the end of the festival.

A special music workshop takes place during each festival. It is guided by one of the participants. He reveals the secrets of his art to the other musicians and tells about his path towards the development of his own interpretation skills.


It represents a thematic part of the program of the festival – inspirational gatherings between the visitors of the festival and significant persons from the social and artistic life, which have the potential to spread our cultural and knowledge horizons. During this festival, these themes will be discussed: IN WHICH WAY THE HISTORY AFFECTS THE PRESENT and the ways out for the future.

THE HISTORY OF CINEMATOGRAPHY – how it was born, transformed, where the present world cinematography is headed, and how the reflections of the past and the visions of the future meet within the cinematography.

REGIONAL COOPERATION – the possibilities for mutual, social and artistic cooperation and inspiration between the V4 countries and the Western Balkans countries.