It is intended not only for all gays, lesbians and transgender people, but also for everyone who is ready to think openly and talk about their sexuality, non-conformist lifestyle and their closer and more distant connections.

Q loosely links cultural, social and political themes, viewed from the queer community perspective. It often asks surprising questions and seeks untypical answers.

Q is primarily focused on mapping and discussing queer culture. Queer culture means the world of sexual minorities in particular, a world of alternatives to the stereotypical and traditional concept of human relations – and not just gay and lesbian, but a variety of other minority identities (referred to as transgender, intersexual or asexual). Central European society is so far rather vague and still with greatly distorted ideas.

Q magazine remains a colorful mosaic oscillating between mainstream and completely individualistic, non-conformist and perhaps even alternative themes. It seeks, within one format, to look at both of these different poles – which are most accurately characterized by the still somewhat exotic-looking word ‘queer’.

Therefore Q magazine deals not only with sexuality, but with the relationship with life, with other people and the relationship of the individual with himself.