A short documentary film about  the religious music festival Perahera (Colombo – Sri Lanka) in the view through the eyes of a young boy from Brazil – photographer who first time in his life went to Sri Lanka. He was visiting a dance performance at the festival Navam Poya in the capital Colombo.

The celebrations are held during the first February full moon, which is called Navam Poya in the Sinhala language.

The main event of the festivities is a carnival parade with a night city, where hundreds of dancers accompany dozens of allegorically decorated elephants and exhibit suggestive scenes from Buddhist mythology with the use of masks and bonfires accompanied by live music.

The purpose of the film is to show the beauty and charm of the Perahera festivals in an attractive form – film narration, bringing the visitors of Sri Lanka closer not only as a tourist destination, but also as a land of beautiful, peculiar culture and rich traditions.

The film is without words, the most important are images and special music. Electronic music is fully composed by DJ Mazi and its based on original sounds of the Perahera traditional music.