Theatre performance BIRDS IN THE HOUSE with an imaginary form handles the theme of the human desire for freedom and finding yourself as the main object of this desire. It asks a question how to treat freedom in the world of relationships that you create around you.

Since ancient times, humankind has been turning their heads to the sky on the flying birds and seeing them as a symbol of freedom, but also death.

In our case, an earthman touches a bird and their worlds get mixed up. A meeting of this man with a fantastical world occurs which can be a mirror to the past, future or various moods.

Musical, visual and a performing line of the performance allows the viewers to travel through their subliminal motives. These motives can be linked to viewer’s own story and to introducing parallel, associative or affective story.

It is a magical theatrical hour where we can forget about the outside, real world and be guided by the magical story full of temptations, tenderness, loosing and finding, imagination, joy and nostalgia.